16 parts, open back, dual sex 80cm. tall.

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Human Torso Dual Sex: Widely used for group study of the human anatomy and provides a detailed view of back vertebrae. Dissectible in 16 parts.Removable HEAD with nose and mouth cavities, pharynx, skull base with the rear of the skull exposed and detachable EYEBALL with optic nerve. Skull has removable HALF BRAIN with arteries. Lower cutaneous layers are removed on half of the face, exposing mandible, dentition, musculature, nerves and blood vessels. Removable STOMACH, LIVER & GALLBLADDER, SMALL & LARGE INTESTINES, PANCREAS & TWO PART HEART with detachable front wall. Neck & back are open from the cerebellum to the sacrum and the seventh thoracic VERTEBRA is removable. Two part organ. Mounted on base with numbered key card.