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Automatic, Electrically heated, wall mounting, water still for making of high purity, Pyrogen-free water.Output capacity about 4Ltr. per hour. The body of Water Still is made of stainless steel sheet, polished. The condenser tube is made of stainless steel. A special vapor baffle is provided to avoid splashing of water into delivery tube. The lid is automatically sealed by water forming in a recess in head of the Still into when the flange of lid rests. This minimize the loss of steam. Fitted with two 1.5 K.W. immersion element which is protected against damage form running dry by an automatic cut out with reset button. Complete with two connector plugs and 2 metre of three core cable for use on 220-240 Volts 50 Hz A.C. supplies. Provided with a bracket for fixing on wall.The whole unit can be easily disassembled for regular maintenance, cleaning & scaling.


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